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Jammin' in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Home of the world's fastest man


  • Next stop, Ocho Rios and the thing is, this morning we waited for a group to get off board and we were going to hire a driver and take us around. Little did we know that Timbo, had to go see head of security on the ship that morning because of a little incident we had at the club (Catacombs), the night prior (basically he got booted (the groom-to-be!!), because he kept on going onto the dance floor with his drink, which we were told repeatedly not to..lol, what drama and jokes at the same time...

  • We got scammed by our bus too since we took this nice air-conditioned bus we thought we had hired (about 13-14 of us), but he took us to some dude's driveway where we had to get into a small van and we were all cramped in there and it got stuffy quick. The driver, George, was a nice enough guy but man we got scammed.

  • best quote (as we were trying to make it uphill) : "George, is that your kickass bass on the sound system?" (really it was the van, straining and making a low noise while struggling to make it up) HAHAHAH!

  • The BEST excursion (i believe on this whole cruise), is the trip to Dunn's River Falls. Basically, you link arms with your group, strap on your water shoes and make the trek up rushing cold water and slipper sharp rock. Sounds fun and it's a great 1-1.5 hrs of sliding down rock waterslides, splashing in cold water and getting soaked! (too bad i don't have any pics as our other friends who didnt go, have it on their camera..). We had a cool tour guide too who kept making us say 'No problem mon!'

  • After that, we asked George to take us to Ocho Rios Jerk centre (recommended by Clinton, our JA bartender on the cruise) for some authentic Jerk chicken. Not the cheapest stuff but a good ol local hangout where we had jerk chicken, pork (better than chicken), and some Red stripe and plantains.

  • Last stop, Mother's, for some local Jamaican patties (with cheese!). Funny how it looked like a McD's but nonetheless, the patties were IRIE MON!


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First stop: Labadie, Haiti!


  • So, after a day of sailing through the Caribbean (and it was a bit wavy, possibly due to the remnants of Hurricane Ida), our first port of call was Labadie, Haiti. This is actually a private island owned/leased by Royal Caribbean so it has exclusive rights to the whole island!

  • Tim and Mimi decided to go zip-lining but we just wanted the day to chill on the beach, soak up some rays and catch an early tan.

  • The first hammock i jumped in didn't go over so well. As soon as i jumped into it, i did a full 180 and someone ended up on the dirt!! hahah!! (the girl in the pic is our friend that just missed it ;)

  • Drink of the day: Labadoozie! But we didn't get one, we figured it was just another ploy to get some of our cash in exchange for a fruit-themed alcoholic drink. No thank you. But our friends had a couple and they liked it...

  • Thank goodness some of us brought walkie talkies for the cruise. They were invaluable and a quick way to find out where people were, whether on the boat or on the island...technology is alive in paradise!


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One night in Miami


  • Prior to leaving the port of Miami on our Royal Caribbean Western Caribbean cruise, we decided to come into Miami one day early and soak in the action of South Beach. At night, we headed to Lincoln Road, which is a main thoroughfare for pedestrians, tourists, night-owls, etc..

  • Met up with Tim/Mimi and their friends along the strip and sat at another place (Hof Brau); which is related to the Hof Brau beer hall in Munich. Let me tell you, they had boots to drink from (just like in the movie Beerfest!!) and although i could only manage 1L, my boy Chucko took the challenge and went for the 2L boot! And just like in the movie, you need to be careful of the bubble that forms when you reach the heel because it actually does force beer back in your face if you don't handle it properly lol!


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Dolphin Swimming in Cozumel


A nice dock in Cozumel allowed us the chance to go swimming with the dolphins in Cozumel. A group of us went and it was one of those experiences that was cool to go on once, but i probably wouldnt do it again..especailly after seeing the Cove documentary.

  • Went to Chankanaab dolphin park . We chose the Dolphin Adventure program because someone "ahem the girls" didn't want to try the Royal program and get pushed by the dolphin by the tips of your feet.

  • Had an hour to chill before our program started so we all chilled on the man-made beach beforehand. Damn it was hot!!

  • Actual swimming with the dolphins was pretty cool. For the most part, we all got in the water and stood on a ledge with water up to chest deep and learned about dolphins in captivity and their behaviours. We got to pat the dolphin as they swam by us and for a couple of 'moves' we each on-by-one went out in to the open water and did a 'move' with the dolphin. One was the belly glide where we got to hang onto the dolphins flipper as they pulled as along, the other was being pushed on a booogie board from behind as the dolpinhs nose pushed against our feet! Not too bad...but again, only once will i do this.

  • Had lunch at the dock at Carlos n Charlies, the overrated, 110% tourist-geared resto/bar with the oversized drinks and girls in whistles and dumb dances going round. Food was crap, entertainment was crap and i guess the only ones having fun were just not us.. should've had a tortilla or something else by the road..

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P.E.I. and Anne

  • Well, since i slacked off and it's been quite a while since we went to P.E.I., i'm just going to put a few pictures up our one-day trip here. Of course, we visited the Anne of Green Gables house, then went to P.E.I. provincial park and actually checked out the nightlife in the small town....of Charlottetown. Great, quiet place to be, we would love to come back here to check out the golf courses!


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