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The loooong drive around the Cabot Trail


Onto Cape Breton and specifically Baddeck, the normal start/finish point of the Cabot Trail.

  • Stayed at our first B&B here, The Water's Edge Inn, located just off the main street of Baddeck. Great location, right by the harbour, and less than 30 seconds from the main drag. Room was immaculately clean and comfortable. It wasn't a traditional B&B however, but a cross between one and an inn. We had breakfast there on the second morning (homemade cranberry almond scones, waffles with Acadian mape syrup, this was probably the best 'hotel' breakfast i've ever had!!)

  • The first night we just hung out around town, walked up and down the main street, had dinner at Bell Buoy (not bad) and realized that after 9-10pm, the town is dead! Apart from being in one of the 3-4 restaurants in town, there is pretty much nothing to do except hang out by the convenience store. Needless to say, that was an 'early' night.

  • In the morning, we decided to try kayaking for the first time, and based on TA recommendations, we booked a half day kayak tour (3 hrs) along Bras D'Or lake with North River Kayak tours. Took about 30 mins to get there but the drive was well worth it. Our guides were excellent/fun and we did a tandem kayak and my wife enjoyed every minute of it. We even saw a few bald eagles along the way! Perfect weather, a bit hot but nothing a few splashes of the paddle could handle! Tons of jellyfish though which was weird but apparently not too poisonous since one of our guides picked one up with his hand. Sick.

  • After kayaking we decide to continue along the rest of the Cabot Trail. Took us 6 hrs to go all around it while stopping at more than half of the 25 driving scenic lookut points. I admit it was very scenic driving along the eastern coast line but it reminded me of the Road To Hana drive we did in Hawaii. So even though the views were amazing, it was kind of like 'seen that' so not as exciting.

  • Stopped at Highland Links golf course, within Cape Breton Provincial Park, #4 course in Canada or something like that..very very nice links course and we will go back to play that one day. For now, i just bought a golf shirt to pretend like i played there.

  • Saw a moose along the trail!!

  • Next time we will go whale-watching for sure, probably along Cheticamp or Pleasant Bay

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Hello Halifax!


Took our first trip out to the east coast of Canada and decided to fly into Halifax and spend 1 night here.

  • Stayed at the Residence Inn Mariott and it's located in a good location, right by Argyle street which had a bunch of cool patios/bars along the street. Great place to sit and have a drink while people-watching.

  • While we were there, they had their Halifax Busker Festival going on and we watched a few performances, nothing special, a contortionist, someone that juggled on a bmx bike while on a 10+-foot pole..

  • Had dinner at the Five Fisherman restaurant, located in a historic building, still supplied by all local fisherman. Reviews were good on TA but honestly, i think this place was a bit over-rated and over-priced ($49 for 1.5lb. lobster!). They had all-you-can-eat mussel bar but they were dry in my opinion..

  • Took a Harbour Hopper tour around the city, 30 mins on land, 30 mins in the harbour..good enough for me.

  • Next morning we headed to Peggy's Cove, a historic quaint fishing town with it's lighthouse as the main draw. This area was pretty cool because when you think about fishing towns and the simplicity of it and how the whole village was built upon fishing, this was it. Also bought a print from a local artist..looks great on our wall!

  • After this we headed towards Baddeck, Cape Breton...and boy, this was a long 4-5 hour drive.

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Vive la Montreal!


This weekend i went to Montreal to visit my wife, currently working in Boucherville, QC. Definitely had a few memorable moments and as usual, might as well list 'em down before i forget..

  • I arrived on Friday around 21:30 and what was supposed to take us a 30 minute ride back to her place, turned into a 2-hr discovery trail in and around Quebec! Let me just say, i never though i'd use the GPS on my new phone, but without it that night, we may still be looking for her place...

  • Saturday we went to Sainte-Catherine (home of Supersexe!) to wander about their main thoroughfare and we ended up checking out the Montreal Fashion and Design Festival. They had 2 big catwalks setup just off a side street and luckily for them, the weather held up on overcase clouds all day/night and they were able to run 6-7 hrs of continuous catwalking/DJ-ing that day. The music and models were jammin' and it was the first 'fashion show' i've ever seen...pretty cool, but i got tired of it after a while.

  • Heading back to the car at the end of the day, i caught a glimpse of another venue setup on the opposite of the street, about a block away. Curiously we checked it out and it was a lounge area, complete with a DJ spinning house grooves all day/night! Sick! Ended up having a drink there, while lounging on the white leather sofas and got to meet jojoflores while he was spinning his 3 hr-set (albeit to pretty much 5 peopls, but who cares, the music was wicked!). He invited us to a little restolounge that night where he was spinning and with tunes like that, we definiitely were going to check it out.

  • Saw the Notre Dame cathedral - where Celine Dion got married. yay.

  • At night, we went to Garcon (Sherbrooke and Peel) to check out jojoflores' night. When we got there, people were still eating but the house tunes were playing throughout the place and so we had a couple drinks by one of the tables by the empty dance floor. About an hour or so later, i guess when everyone was done eating and the drinks started flowing, we partied it up and the mixes were sick, the crowd was cool (older and fashionable) and the $10 glasses of wine were the only bump in the night. I've listened to jojo before but never knew what he looked like, and when he introduced himself to me, i was like 'wtf?' just like that..cool guy, will def check him out again.

  • Sunday we went to go see Cirque De Soleil's production of OVO down by Old Montreal. Old Montreal itself is very beautiful and is a way better Distillery District (prob b/c it has real history) and definitely a must-see. The actual production however, was ok. But i guess this is coming from someone who's seen 3 previous Cirque shows (Varekai, O, Zumanity) and although the performances were spectacular, they were more spectacular the first time around. I think if you've seen one Cirque ,you've seen 70% of the rest of the shows. Funny thing was, it was a show about insects but i still can't figure out exactly what the story was..


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Whistling around Whistler

So Tim and I planned to go to Whistler this year for one last boarding trip and to visit my family over there. Highlights of the week:

  • Was great seeing my bro and his girlfriend again and to see that they are living a nice life in Vancouver. But seriously, we're all waiting for them to come back..but hey, with the beautiful environment and scenery there and good jobs, it is a tough decision..

  • The founders of B.C. company had their brainstorm and eureka! idea moment this past weekend over a lot of Kokanees. Watch out for this revolutionary clothing line for overweight men! (lol its all a joke but in case we're really bored i wont divuge the details here..hahaha)

  • Went to AMAZING Japanese restaurants around the Vancity area (thanks Candy for really proving it!). Toshi Sushi and Kingyo Izakaya were probably two of the best Japanese restos i've been to. We even had to lineup with around 15 other people for Toshi Sushi 15 ins before it opened at 5pm since it is a very popular local place.

  • Tried Japadogs for the first time! http://www.japadog.com/en/ - taste it to believe it.

  • Boarding - went to Blackcomb the first day and Whistler the second day. Forget boarding in Ontario period. The boarding on the second day was pretty crazy because it was snowing and pretty windy and we were actually in a storm. My bro and I went to the peak of Whistler in the storm..BIG MISTAKE. I thought i would get frostbite from the searing cold against my face and it was like whiteout conditions. We had to snowplow the whole way to avoid being wind-swept off the path and into who-knows-where...we even took off our board at one point and just walked down.. After the storm though, it opened up to clear blue skies and there was powder everywhere!!! Forget boarding in Ontario period.

  • It was also the start of the Telus Ski and Snowboard festival and as such, there were a lot of people hanging around the village on the Fri and Saturday we were there. Caught an urban art show and just missed a skate competition.

  • Kokanee moment - getting to our room and noticing it was freezing (someone left the balcony door open). So we were stading around in our jackets holding some beers and watching the Canucks game. Tim: "hey, it actually feels like we're at the game!" LOLLLL

  • Kokanee moment #2 - Tim "I wonder who discovered Whistler?". Me: "Johnny Whistler dude". Tim " ah i see."

  • On Sunday, we went to visit my cousins in Surrey and we ended up going to one of their boyfriends place to watch UFC 97 Silva vs Leites. Boring UFC. Great times with a beer bong/funnel lol. Eastside took the title home that night :) Yes Buck!


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Back to Beantown for Easter long weekend


  • Spent the long weekend with Andrea and Victor in Boston for some good ol' shopping. I have to admit, i did do a bulk of the shopping lol and i didnt even get what i set out to get (Burberry trench).

  • Tried Legal Seafoods for the first time. This is the company that has the best clam chowder i've ever tasted and is also responsible for serving every President clam chowder somepoint during their inauguration.

  • Went to Wrentham Factory outlets for some serious shopping damage, even though we were supposed to play golf that day..good thing we didn't..it snowed at the outlets!

  • Spent Easter Sunday at Andrea's brother-in-laws place. Susanna and Vinnie and their 3 adorable kids were gracious to let these 2 Canadians into their place for Easter and they have the smartest kids! We couldn't leave at the end of the afternoon because the kids wouldnt let me lol!

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