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Ringin in '09 at the Eye!

Spent New Years Eve '09 at (well close to..) the London Eye.

There were thousands of people there and we got there an hour earlier to get a good view. Unfortunately we didn't get to the bridges but we did have a great view of the London Eye where the fireworks were set off.

It was a bit cold, but nothing a couple of flasks of Talisker 10-yr whisky and Davidson cognac couldn't fix :O

We've had a BRILLIANT 2008 and even though we are headed back to T.O. in a month or so, our Euro stay has been full of ups..can't wait to see what 2009 brings!!


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Christmas Eve/Day in London!

This year, Michelle and i spent the Christmas holidays in London (unfortunately we had no more time off work to head back to T.O.!) and as always, it was a festive fun time with family and friends.

Christmas Eve

  • We all went to Tottenham to our Tita's place and they cooked up a feast! All the family from London was there and despite getting lost a couple times on the way there, it was a very very festive celebration (check the Santa hats!) and lots and lots of food!

  • We got some gifts too! Harrod's travel case for me and a cool keychain from there also.


Christmas Day

  • Cooked up a nice lil feast of our own - 5.5 kg turkey (3-4 hours), mashed potatoes, etc.. - spent it in our flat with Timbo, Meemo and Cigdem and a lot of wine and ciders haha!!

  • First time for me carving up a turkey! Let's just say it would've been a bit easier with a sharper nice but in the end it turned out really good!

  • We bought and played The Game of Life as an activity and even though it says for 8 yrs +, there were way more instructions to read and understand (while having a few drinks) than we could all remember lol! My 'career' path was as an athlete with a mountain retreat home (yea, how could i afford that?). Michelle was a doctor with some other big house...but we all lost to Cigdem who almost doubled the next person in total life earnings!


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Paris in the Wintertime

..and a day to Versailles


Spent the past weekend in good ol' romantic Paris with a few friends and one word to describe it this time: COLD. Yep,
Paris is a very beautiful city and all but the first time we visited we were in light-weight sweater, no jackets, etc. This time around, my parka and sweater were not enough to battle the cold, wind and rain..lol..oh well, were in Paris know what i mean?


  • Friday night we stayed at our hotel (Le Meridien Etoille) after arriving in the evening, and chilled in the hotel jazz bar. I guess because it was a hotel and there was a jazz band from the US there, the prices were crazy. ANY first drink was 26 euro and the next were 11-15 euro..and these were the regulr house drinks..ouch. No, big ouch.

  • Spent Saturday in Versailles, home of Louis XIV. The chateau de Versailles is absolutely gigantic! We wandered from elaborate room to the next fancy room and didn't even make it out to the garden, which is decorated with shapely hedges and stretches out as far as the eye can see! It is difficult to fathom how someone could actually live in a place this big and posh..wow, to be an aristocrat back in the day eh?

  • There was an art exhibition on display within some of the rooms to give a contrast between old and new art. The artist was Jeff Koons from the US. His works of art with bubbly figures like balloon dogs, Michael Jackson and Bubbles, Pink panther, hoovers...so weird and out of place.

  • Had dinner in the Latin Quarter, around Notre Dame cathedral, mmm fondue and more Bordeaux wine lol!

  • Sunday morning we went to this trendy, quirky brunch place recommended to us by one of Michelle's co-workers who lives near Paris, called Curieux spaghetti Bar . Very cool place with japanese anime as wall-paintings, orange lighting, waiters dressed in tight, short pajamas and very good french buffet breakfast. This really got me thinking of the possibilities of this kind of place in t.O. hmm..?

  • Before catching our plane we took a walk to the Pont Des Arts, aka the 'kissing bridge'! Yep, we found it! It's a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Seine River and is just outside the Musee du Louvre. Had to take the obligatory kissing photo op there.

  • Walked around outside the Musee de Louvre, down the Champs D'Elysees and checked out a few stores (we missed Chanel! darn :P) before realizing that things are much too expensive in Paris. Sacre Bleu!!

  • Had another great but COLD, WET and RAINY time in Paris this Winter, vive la France!


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Cork is a part of our family

So this past weekend we went to cork, ireland to visit Kuya Boris and his family (Ate Nancy and their 2-yr old daughter Mia..such a cuuuuutie!!). Cork was about an hour flight away from Heathrow and we flew Aer Lingus again since they 'fly 22 times a day from Heathrow'..

  • What a GREAT family and extremely hospitable to us, whom they've seen only twice! When we visited the Philippines a couple Xmases ago, we hung out with his younger sister and had fun times in Boracay. They've been in Cork almost 8 years now and have built such an amazing life there..

  • They took us out at night to go check out the Cork nightlife (how cool parents are they?) and we checked out a couple pubs/clubs. Suffice to say, we were the only asians in both places but the Cork citizens were so nice and not one ounce of attitude but just pure fun/happiness all around. The last place we stayed at played a variety of music, reminded me of the Peel Pub (lol) and Kuya Boris almost lost the car keys (which luckily the security found and was holding!)

  • Checked out the town of Kinsale and Charles Fort - that day was freeeezing!

  • I went to Cork, Ireland and bought a pair of England football shorts.

  • Mia is such a cutie and good girl. She's just learning words and calls both mommy and daddy , 'daddy' hahah! She loves dogs, Hi-Five and Pingu the Penguin lol! (seriously, seeing her small frame standing directly in front of a 32" TV , while watching a Pingu DVD, was hilarious).

  • I just can't mention enough how much they went out of their way to show us a good time and treat us like we've known each other forever. That's what i call family. Now come visit us in Toronto so we can return the favour!


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Reina's visit to England

.. a week of us playing tour guide!

Our dear friend Reina came to visit us in England for a week and it was really good to have a friend from T.O. come and experience life in England. We managed to get ALOT done while she was here and here's a quick list of what we/she did:

  • Went to Windsor Castle..unfortunately St George cathedral was closed for services

  • Mon/Tues she did the hop-on/hop-off bus tour for the day and by the time we met up after work, she was absolutely spent! lol! One night we took her to Ancient Raj in Frimley for Indian food and after eating the lamb madras, she's on a mission to find similar food back home!

  • Went to this wicked restaurant in Soho called Inamo which has tables that allow you to order food off, play games, etc.. all with a touchpad and a projector above-head displaying all the images..so cool.

  • Went to see the musical Wicked with Claire and Alan as well..and it was Wicked! Seriously, i'm not a fan of
    musicals but the evil witch, Elphaba, played by Alex Khadime was simply brilliant! I could even watch it again just for

  • Went to Stonehenges..yes, that's what she calls it lol! Damn it was cold and windy that day but she got to see onw of the seven wonders of the world so that's cool! Afterwards, we picked up Michelle and headed to Westfield mall where we all made some pretty big purchases (2 Jaeger bags and 1 Reiss jacket were bought..among other items)

  • Checked out the Ministry of Sound! Yeah baby, the legendary club for house/trance music and Erick Morillo was
    playing that night. Amazing sound and music in all rooms, one of the things that made it that good was the fact that
    even though it was sold out, it wasn't packed and not the slightest bit humid or hot like Guvernment/Warehouse. We are definitely going back again..New Years Eve maybe?


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