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Myrtle Beach Golf trip - Round 2/3

sunny 32 °C

  • HOT HOT and humid day today, not sure how we all managed to complete 36 holes but hey, we're golf warriors so we did it.

  • Played Traditional Golf Club and shot 96. This was the morning round and I don't remember much of it except that there was a nice hat in the pro shop.

  • Played Litchfield Golf Club and shot 101. This was an old country club 5 mins away from Traditional and we were surprised that there were no other groups on the course when we teed off around 1. I guess the +30 C weather would've been the reason..but i won a nice hat here from Chuck.

  • Just call B "Big Deal Danger" - Olive Garden (though i really wanted Pizza Hut).


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Myrtle Beach Golf trip - Round 1

sunny 32 °C

The boys and I headed down to Myrtle Beach, SC for our week-long golf trip, something that's been planned for years in the making.

  • The drive from our house in Oakville to Plantation Resort took 17 hours! We drove through the night, stopping at pretty much every rest station for pee breaks and i'm pretty sure the GPS unit took on us side roads rather than using freeways as the majority...

  • Staying at B's tito/tita's timeshare which saved us a bunch for accomodation costs. I booked us a package with EatDrinkSleepGolf for 5 course for $220 each taxes and carts included.

  • Ate chinese buffet when we got here and it was the WORST chinese food ever. They like to advertise the quantity of items at the buffet places here, but trust me, the food is so shit...ask B lol.

  • First course we played on Sunday was Myrtle Beach King's North. Beautiful conditions and the weather was nice in the morning but as they day got on, it got super hot and humid. Played the whites (6000 yards) and there was a fair amount of trouble on the course but not as hard as i expected. Del was on fire and shot an 89 (messed up back 9) to win and i shot 96 for 2nd place. Just couldn't hit my irons crisp and consistent and went 2-3-2-3 on the final 4 holes to screw up the charge..
  • Tried to play a 2nd 18 at Man O War course but after 3rd hole, mega mega lightning and thunder struck to chase us off the course and get a rain check. The day was so freaking humid and hot and the lightning/thunder was pretty sick. We saw a house who had a lightning bolt go right through the roof!!


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Family outing to Algonquin Park

"I Moose Eat!"

sunny 24 °C

  • So my wife, parents and brother/gf all went up to Algonquin Park for a night visit to the park and surrounding Huntsville area. We stayed at a B&B called Algonquin Mist and the place was simply beautiful. Not your traditional, small, Victorian-style B&B, but a completely new 'cottage-style' B&B that had me thinking i was in a resort, not a B&B.

  • Nice view of Peninsula Lake from the back deck, immaculately clean everywhere, bathrooms were great, beds were comfortable and breakfast plentiful and healthy. Gail and Jim, the owners, were very gracious as hosts and i would definitely recommend their place to anyone spending the night in Huntsville.

  • We drove along HWY 60 through Algonquin Park, starting at the West Gate, and did one trail, Hardwood Lookout, with a medium difficulty level. It wasn't too bad, and the view was at the end of the loopy trail but we took it nice and easy since my wife is pregnant (2 more months!) and my dad had a bum knee. Although when we got to the lookout there was a 'view hog' who setup his tripod and took pics the whole time we were waiting..there.

  • Saw a moose along the highway, small one, maybe a baby moose!

  • Bit of black flies around, not as many as some people told us there would be. Only got a few bites..

  • Drove around Deerhurst golf course and Grandview golf course (clublink). One day, i HAVE HAVE to try these courses out, they look so amazing.

  • Algonquin was only 3 hrs away from our place. Oh and we wanted to buy some muskoka chairs and stopped at a couple places along the way. I can't believe the 'real' muskoka chairs were upwards of $600 each!! So ya, we came home empty handed and going back to Costco for our <$100 ones :)


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babymoonin' in Ocho Rios

sunny 30 °C

So my wife and i took our BABYmoon, our last trip with only each other for a while, to hot and sunny Ocho Rios, Jamaica. A 1-week all-inclusive to Sandals Dunn's River all for R&R.

  • Hot and sunny all week long, bit windy towards the end of the week but HOT HOT HOT morning, noon and night.

  • Shot an 85 at the Sandals Golf and Country Club (par 71, 6100 yards) with my caddy, Presser, and rental clubs. Next time i know that cart is NOT mandatory and i should bring my clubs - rounds would cost $40 each time! Course was great too!

  • Pools were excellent, alcohol was top shelf and even the fitness centre was amazing, it was even outdoors..in shade of course.

  • Unfortunately this Sandals resort is closing at the end of June (apparently Sandals and the land owner did not come to a renewed lease agreement) and that sucks b/c i think this is the best Sandals resort in Ocho Rios (there are 2 others). The other 2 are so large that some guests get driven around in golf carts while one resort has a beach and the other resort has the main pool and you need to take a shuttle bus to get between the 2.

  • Food was good, not excellent. cruise-ship food was much better.

  • Went kayaking a few times in the ocean, water was crystal clear when it was not windy.

  • Sandals resort is 99.9% couples

  • Some of the activities they did were a bit cheesy, kind of made it feel like they were trying to be a Margaritaville-type place and catering specifically to party-seeking couples. I mean, i guess there definitely were the same group of couples that participated in all the events but it just seemed corny to me..

  • The night-time shows were ok - but when the caribbean steel band played ALL covers for their session, that again was cheesy. I mean cmon where was the authentic caribbean tunes?

All in all, i'm happy we went and had some time to get some R&R before our first lil one came along, i guess technically this was his/her 1st vacay already!

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Grand Wedding in Grand Cayman

Congrats Meemerz and Timbo!!


So the reason we went on this cruise was to be with our great friends, Meemerz and Timbo, while they got married in a beach-front setting in Grand Cayman. Man, was it beautiful! Waves crashing against the rocks int he backdrop and a perfect hot and sunny day!

  • Since we all took the same charter boat to shore, we had to prevent the bride and groom from seeing each other. Meemerz and the girls sat in the lower level and Timbo and the guys sat in the upper level.

  • The wedding itself was amazing. The couple couldn't have asked for a more picturesque place and perfect weather. Granted it was a bit hot wearing pants and long-sleeve shirts in the sun but it was all gooood..

  • After the wedding, the immediate wedding party (i was a groomsman) stayed for pictures while the rest of the people went into town or back onto the ship. I took a cab into town (got ripped off again..) and just happened to find my wife strolling along the streets. Took a look at some watches and decided that the tag heuer calibre watch was a good match..and Tiger endorsed it too. But i didn't buy it then..it would have to wait until later in the trip..

  • That night, on board, was also the ship's party night, meaning that they had an open-air party on one of the decks open until midnight. After that was finished, they opened another lounge until 4am to continue the party. And believe me, there were a lot of drunk people that night celebrating the big day!


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