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It's been a while..

But the great news is that we're the happy proud parents of a healthy bouncing baby boy (6 lbs 9oz)! Jackson is almost a month old now and growing every day before our eyes (he's go those chipmunk cheeks now).

So, our travel lifestyle has taken a pause for a bit, but only internationally. In the near future, this blog will continue to host our travels, in and around our province :)

To be continued..

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Myrtle Beach Golf trip - Round 9

..lost it on the last day..ugh.

sunny 28 °C

  • Played today's round at World Tour Golf Links, which contains holes 'inspired' by other courses around the world. Very similar to our Wooden Sticks in Toronto but this one had 3 9's and for one price, we got to play all 3! (seriously, you cant beat the value of MB golf anywhere..). What we did for this round was take the best two nines to form your day score.

  • I shot a 94 that day but nothing compared to B, who was 1 over for the first nine and then 7 over on the 2nd nine (with a triple bogey on the last hole!). He should've and deserved to break 80..but 'hey, that's golf' right?

  • So i was leading the overall Golfer of the Year 2010 race (avg of all scores of the week minus your highest and lowest scores), up until the final day. Del narrowly beat me and B shot an amazing 80 to push me out of 2nd place even lol. Damnit.

  • My overall final average for the week was 94.9. Del - 93.5, Badyr 94.2, Chucko 104.

  • Also, we did team wars for the first few days. I went UNDEFEATED in team wars for the duration of the competition and got free breakfast/lunches all week..woohoo!

Quotes of the week

  • 'Ease yourself' - Chuck

  • 'I'm a big deal people know me' - Big Deal Danger

  • 'Tense' - Mark (Chuck with the tomahwak hand motion)

  • 'Reading Rainbow theme song' - Del and Mark

  • 'Be Assertive' - everyone to Big Deal Danger


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Myrtle Beach Golf trip - Round 7/8

sunny 29 °C

  • Played Willbrook Plantation twice today since replay was only $29! First round shot 100, 2nd round shot 92. One of my fave courses because of the condition and challenge of some of the holes. It winded through a community though and any hit far left or right were in danger of breaking someone's window/car/dog/etc..


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Myrtle Beach Golf trip - Round 5/6

sunny 32 °C

  • Played Man O War and shot 86 (my low round of the week!). Course was wide open and in great condition and greens/fairways were soft so my shots didn't have much roll and pretty much stuck where i landed them. Again, Rescue 3-wood was my money club and also hit several approach shots right on target, setting up birdie attempts (zero) to par attempts.

  • Played The Witch and shot 95 (15 over on the front and 8 over on the back with a damn triple to finish it off..ugh). Great tight course that winds through a forest/marsh area. Damn dragonflies aren't scared of humans either!

  • For my boy Del, all i can say is 'Wedgie' @ Meyer's ice cream parlour

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Myrtle Beach Golf trip - Round 4

sunny 32 °C

  • Played Wild Wing Avocet and shot 87. Rescue 3-wood was on fire and had the low 9 of the week, +4 on the front nine (7 pars and 2 doubles ugh). Again, we teed off in the afternoon and we were the only ones on the course, which was a pretty nice course.

  • Badyr's birthday and we went to Captain George's all-you-can-eat seafood and i had all crab legs/crawfish all night.


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